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How do we instil morals in our community without a holier-than-thou approach? To create effective change, we need good people!

When we think of change, we tend to think of education, healthcare, infrastructure etc. But we are missing the most basic requirement: loyal people. Good people. Positive people. We talk about providing education, but how do we instal moral values--values of being a good human, in the people?

  • Mar 9 2011: We created an educational programme where we discuss and do activities on various topics with children. What are their strenghts, how to deal with conflict in a more positive way, we praise them and encourage them to praise themselves etc. I think we can inspire them to be better people in this way. Our programme is run for a whole school year and is a part of their curriculum.
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    Mar 6 2011: As moral values are neither absolute nor imperative, the only possible way to instill them in others is through what you term a 'holier-than-thou' approach. Morals can only be passed on by people (society, parents,...) through leading by example, judging others by the same standards, and attaching real negative consequences to amoral and immoral behaviour.
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    Mar 6 2011: I like the idea that free societies get what they celebrate. Make a forum for celebrating the good that already exists. I don't know how to make it really effective, or what medium you can work in, but I would like to see stories shared and good people/ good moments celebrated.

    I once saw a bench graffitied with an extremely heart felt thank you note. It made me realize, people want to memorialize the good in other people, as much as they want to express good things in themselves. It's the little interactions that make a community, so highlight the best little interactions, and make them a centerpiece for a community. Make a trend of 'good gossip' if you will :)