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Fairer form of taxes for all citizens

Taxes to be fair, should be based on percentages of money earned, so that no group in society can claim they are being victimized by it e.g. 10%, so that someone earning a £100, would pay £10 and someone earning a £1,000, would pay a £100.

There would be no allowances for anyone because everybody needs to pay out something for their work, whether it is transport, food, clothing or tools and this includes employees, bosses (machinery/ canteen/ haulage etc) and the self employed.


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  • Mar 15 2012: I like your points, especially the last two as they are very sensible. Crime is reduced by paying people something, rather than nothing (takes away the desperation). I also agree that it should be below the minimum wage to act as an incentive to work and gain luxuries, rather than necessities. I also agree about voluntary work and incentives again. You are also right about the intern labour culture as not worth the air its written on (been there, seen it, fell for it twice, just to get away from boring routine).

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