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Mechanisms to relieve the stress of long distance driving across country and the frustration of town driving

I have an idea to relieve the stress of driving, by providing at motorway service stations therapists, who give drivers head and neck massage as well as face and feet, if they feel they need it. On top of this total body massage could be applied, via Shiatsu or Thai massage as they don't require the removal of clothes. These treatments could be done in minutes. It has to be a motorway or major road because it is the effects of long trips that is being countered (Sitting for long periods and staring intensely at monotonous scenery, which is tiring).

On top of this soundproof sleeping booths, with inbuilt alarms, could be used for those needing a little shut eye, in the same way that long distance lorry drivers have in their cabs nowadays.

Lastly, for those caught up in actual road rage, where short but frustrating journeys occur (city driving), a gym should be available by the highway specifically for people to stop and hit a punch bag (rather than another human being) or a track they can round run, to relieve their energy/ frustration.

Closing Statement from Tony Sandy

What has happened with my idea? Nothing, so I'm going to put it on another site and hope it can still inspire others or at least lift my Kudos in the world (doubt it). As they say in the UK, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. In other words the world works on free will and if those who have the responsibility // cash to take my ideas further don't, I can't force them to see the sense of them.