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Do we really need an entertainment industry any more?

Do we really need the music industry any more? Do we need nation-wide television series’ and Hollywood films? I’m starting to think big media business represents an out-dated way of creating and sharing information. For long decades they’ve held economic power over the entertainment industry, captaining a ‘way of doing entertainment’ which only allowed for a few of the creative to prosper (and many people who’re in the business of supporting those few!).

I’ve been promoting underground metal music for two years now and have done research onto the inner workings of the music industry. I understand it as a constantly shifting world; businesses rise and fall in shot periods of time, workers and entertainers come and go in shining splendour and the rules of the game change on a month-to-month basis. It is a beast within a beast; however complex the business world seems when compared to an individuals life is how complex the music industry looks when compared to the typical business world!

From my experiences I’ve come to believe that many people in many communities want to function as entertainers and may be able to do with varying degrees of competence. Many of the underground musicians I’ve met have music which is equal or superior in quality to many well-paid musical celebrities. But because the infrastructure built to consume the popular music is so easy for people to use, and the infrastructure so difficult for underground musician, the local entertainment industry is not able to compete against the convenience of modern entertainment.

The internet has done much indeed to change this. Bands have a far easier time then ever before building an independent fan base and through the internet it is possible to become globally popular without corporate help. But Big-Entertainment is still a powerhouse and competition it is an incredible challenge. It’s incredibly difficult for alternative artists to affording anything similar to a media businesses ability to advertise


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  • Mar 14 2012: (you'll have to forgive my odd way of expressing myself, English isn't my native language)

    There are a few benefits of an industry, but not in the way/manner it operates now.

    I think it all comes down to the intellectual property. I have a hard time to accept the concept of intellectual property, cos I believe everything should be shared. I think that once the industry loosens up and accepts that sharing is in peoples nature we will be getting to a workable situation.

    Napster was revolutionary and I think you could develop a proper busines model on the Napster concept. Just imagine a central portal on the internet where all media could be found. With media I mean music, movies etc.
    All users up- and download stuff (i.e. using a bittorent like protocol), so bandwidth wouldn't have to be n issue.

    Here is the main condition: 'Old' (which is relative) stuff should be shared freely and for the latest releases one should pay. So, for a song/album/movie etc. which is brand new, you pay a few $, but after a period of time (i.e. year) it's free. Same with movies, i.e. one or two years after it's release it's free.

    One could also think about adding a donate possibility for the 'older' stuff. The donation should directly go to the artist (or his representative). It all comes to trusting people and adjusting the copyright laws. However, the biggest problem would be the industry, who won't agree to the adjustment the copyright laws.

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