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Distributing your donation to 1000's of charities..

Recently I came across a charity box devoted to funding a childrens hospital, I gave a donation and went along with my day.
Later on I then came across an additional box devoted to providing education for infants in (I believe it was..) the D.R of Congo. I then donated more money and carried on with my day.
Later that evening I came across a commercial for the british red cross, and by then it occured to me that my knowledge of the existence of a charity (and by extension, a donation) was largely dependent on my visual encounters and little else.

Based on this, I couldn't help but wonder why a distribution service for donations couldn't be formed to allow a percentage of my donation to reach more charities and therefore provide a small amount of help to more people for more reasons.

For example/
-A person provides a donation to the distribution centre
-Then either the person has the ability to:
(1) Choose a category of charities that the money is divided up and distributed to (such as 'africa poverty' containing charities for water, malaria, food, education, vaccination, condoms etc etc)
(2) The money is simply placed into an account along with all other donations until enough is built up to distribute payments to 1000's of charities world wide.

I believe this method (not to replace the largest charities, ofcourse) would provide significant help to charities which have a substantial reason for collecting, but lack the funds to present their cause to a wider audience.

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    Feb 17 2012: I really Like your Idea ..I Have a project and is so confusing when you have to choose a cause or charitie.. it will be perfect if the money collect it by my project goes to help those in need ...I come from South America and after living over 10 years in Europe some of the money going away to other continents can stay right here in Europe for many "charities" either way good Idea Xavier.
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    Feb 16 2012: Edit/
    Also whilst I'm here, my other topic (the TEDfriend/colleague finder website) will soon be presented to TED for a (hopeful) creation in the near future, but still requires additional feedback, comments and ratings to help enforce its validity. Additional help in these areas would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.