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Fear of success?

I recently read a quote that says: 'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure'
I've been experimenting with ideas, fear,risks and allowing myself to work out my ideas and I've had amazing success so far, but there's this nagging fear of these astonishing results. It's as if I'm afraid of succeeding! Has anyone ever felt this? Why are we so afraid of things working out FOR us? And how can we remedy this?


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    Feb 19 2012: Meredith Monk was on "Speaking of Faith" this morning on our local public radio station.

    She addressed the issue of fear. One of the things she said, and which I will share with you

    Ayesha is: "The anecdote to fear is.....curiosity".

    Very simple isn't it? Change your thinking from "I'm afraid of success" to "I wonder what it will be like to be
    successful".....from fear to curiosity.

    What do you think Ayesha?
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      Feb 19 2012: GREAT idea Mary:>)
      When/if we can focus on curiosity, it takes the focus off the fear. What we focus on expands:>)
      Change our thinking, we can change our feelings, and it may change our life experience:>)

      Did you notice the site where we're sending get well wishes to Frans?
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      Feb 19 2012: Hi Mary!
      Thanks for replying! Wow, that is quite an awesome way of looking at fear!! I'll try it out n let you know what happens! By curiosity do you mean just wondering about it?
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        Feb 20 2012: Hi Ayesha........"By curiosity do you mean just wondering about it?"

        By curiosity I mean actually doing what it is you are fearing because you want to see
        what will happen......it's a call to action.

        It's like when there is a store opening and you are looking for a job...and there are 2,000 applicants and your brain tells you, "I will never be chosen".......and curiosity says: "GO FOR IT.....the worse thing that can happen is that you will not get it....but I will meet new people, and experience the thrill of the competition for the slot."

        Curiosity is a powerful tool to drive us.......what is the worse thing that can happen?

        "The only failure that lacks dignity.......is the failure to try". Another quote I love.


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