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Fear of success?

I recently read a quote that says: 'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure'
I've been experimenting with ideas, fear,risks and allowing myself to work out my ideas and I've had amazing success so far, but there's this nagging fear of these astonishing results. It's as if I'm afraid of succeeding! Has anyone ever felt this? Why are we so afraid of things working out FOR us? And how can we remedy this?


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    Feb 16 2012: I've absolutely felt this, and it holds me back. I fear success. I also fear 'being superior' because my ideas may hold value over other ideas. And it does hold me back and hinder me.

    I cannot remember the exact video, but CJ with Metal Motivation tackles a few things. Look through the channel and you may find some relevant videos!

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      Feb 17 2012: Hi Spencer!
      Same here! I've been taught growing up that being superior is absolutely wrong, even if I ranked 3rd in the country or achieved anything. Have you ever faced this fear? What was the result?
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        Feb 18 2012: Spencer and Ayesha,
        I agree that believing we may be "superior" is not very beneficial. Does that mean we cannot try to be our best? Just because we may have different ideas, thoughts, feelings, and opinions does not necessarily make us "superior" to anyone else. We all have different skills, talents and interests, so if we change our perception of what having different information means to us, we don't necessarily see ourselves as superior. I believe that I am contributing to the whole of humankind when I share information. I am neither superior or inferior in any given situation, and I have no attachment to the information I provide:>)

        Part of being successful, in my opinion, is to believe in ourselves and be willing and able to share ourselves without judgment. To judge anyone, including ourselves to be superior or inferior is a judgment, is it not? Why do we want to do that to ourselves or to others? If we let go of that labeling, perhaps it is easier to see the bigger picture and realize that simply sharing our own perspectives, does not necessarily put us in a certain catagory regarding success or supperiority:>)

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