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What is your key advice on pitching for investors?

In one week time we are pitching for an audience of investors to promote our new business initiative that combines strategy consulting with digital media and collaborative innovation. What is your best advice?

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    Feb 20 2012: This may sound like a very simple question, but what is the purpose of 'promoting' your company to investors? Are you trying to raise capital? Get the interest of an Angel investor? Get publicity? Raise series A funding? Begin with the end in mind. Picture your perfect outcome - and then think of the actions you'd need to take to reach those outcomes.
  • Feb 19 2012: I'd go with: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action (here on ted).
    There are things in there really worth thinking about before you launch a product (or pitch it)
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    Feb 19 2012: Make your investor belief that he invented it all and that he improved the product to be finally ready to go. This fundamental law of participation might be best and easiyl applied in consulting for "collaborative innnovation" anyway.

    Every investor ( but not only investors...) beliefs his ideas are the best - of course that is wrong, but investing is simply about trusted and rational expectations, not the truth. No - just kidding....

    Good Luck !
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    Feb 17 2012: Very good question Ferry I hope you get some clear answers so we all can learn from the experts it must be some experts in TED right?
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    Feb 17 2012: Less is more.
  • Feb 17 2012: My China friend said - smooze
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    Feb 16 2012: Knowing exactly what you want. For many people that is a hard question to answer. I believe the clearer the vision, the clearer the path...
  • Feb 16 2012: Hi Ferry

    I recommend you to watch Dragon's Den on BBC
    you can find old series on youtube. it's all about pitching and investment

    Take care