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Is 3DTV a necessity benefitting society or a gimmick for the advertising industry?

3DTV is a rapidly advancing avant-garde technological innovation in the film and television industry, with 3D content production tool kit slowly becoming affordable for small independent producers, even in a country such as Chile, and it is not just an expensive toy for large broadcast media companies to play with. It is to some an increasingly desirable tool for all sorts of advertising companies the world over to woo audiences but user issues such as the current need to wear 3D glasses and effects on health have had a varied effect on public opinion up until now.

There are promising future developments in the nature of television screens that dispose of the need for 3D glasses and non-commercial applications for 3D television and video content is perfectly possible.


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    Feb 23 2012: Mary,

    The most interesting development in 3D this year was the story-driven filmmakers like Scorsese, Wim Wenders, and Herzog making 3D films. Suddenly it is not just kids films and Hollywood blockbusters.

    Also, mobile and tablets are going 3D glasses free! This will drive the market even faster that TV IMHO.

    I spoke about it at TEDU in Long beach last year.

    • Feb 24 2012: Absolutely! I will add your talk when I find it!!

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