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How personalized would you prefer products/services to be in the future? Do you want them to really, really, REALLY know you?

Personalization could be a great tool if the product/service is tailored just for you by inferring your preferences from what you do/share/say/buy, etc. But, what about when that personalized experience becomes "scary" or "too much"?


Closing Statement from Eugenia Ortiz

Thank you all for your comments! This was really interesting.

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    Feb 16 2012: Eugenia, if I say, a person is much more than a set of preference, would you agree?

    PS I grew up with a grandmother whose closet was entirely custom-made according to her ever-changing moods and tastes. Each piece looked totally different from one another, more so than the physical differences between Neptune and Mars.

    So, no. I don't think any web tool can accurately predict what the interior design of my next apartment will look like.

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