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What should the 21st century classroom look like? Could interactive technology provide solutions to the current system of education?

Can game technology be used to make the system of education more fun,engaging, and valuable?

How would such a “gameful” classroom be structured?

How do we begin to implement this new system? What would the 1, 5, and 10 year plans be for creating a new, more engaging system of education?

Please join graduate students from the Rochester Institute of Technology along with game developers, educators, usability specialists, and others from the global community in an online forum as we attempt to solve this problem collaboratively.

Please share your thoughts at http://tinyurl.com/rit-edu and help us shape the future of education.


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    Feb 16 2012: Moreover, there is an interesting classroom in Sweden, featured in Good.

    http://www.good.is/post/is-sweden-s-classroom-free-school-the-future-of-learning?utm_content=prev-next&utm_medium=post-page-top :

    The traditional setup of school classrooms—straight rows of desks with accompanying chairs—doesn't do much to foster creativity or collaboration. Many experts have proposed redesigning classroom furniture, but a Swedish school system wants to take things a step further. Vittra, which operates 30 schools in Sweden, is seeking to ensure learning takes place everywhere on campus by eliminating classrooms altogether.
    • Feb 16 2012: i love this contribution and appreciate it a lot......... it is actually true, traditional classrooms are boring and even when the lectures could be interesting, the arrangement kills creativity and inventiveness...
    • Feb 17 2012: I agree. Also, I like the idea of a whole little village in the south of china, where every tree, every house, every field is a potential classroom. Learning is everywhere.

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