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Our Artists and Musicians of the future at risk of extinction?

As a musician and artist myself, I cannot imagine a life without being able to sing, play an instrument, paint a piece, or shoot a photo. These things for me, like so many others, made life and school a little more bareble in my earlier years. Now, with that said, can you imagine schools without these extracurricular activities? Many schools across the nation have deemed these programs "unnecessary" for the student curiculum, and yet, supports the sports programs unquestionably. For many, Art and Music is a "destresser" and while doing so it is the only time that they feel excepted by their peers. These things encourage creativity and personality. It may not be everyone's cup of tea is to go outside and run chasing a soccer ball, to write a short story for English or even to solve an algebraic equation. It is this area alone where some students find that they excel in. I want to know why is it that Art and Music Programs around the nation are starting to dwindle away when there is so much good that can potentially come out of these classes? Many schools think that this topic/these classes are unimportant in the wider view of things. If everyone chooses their own path, and there is already so much bad in the world, why not encourage a positive program and may appeal to some, though not others? Art and Music keeps some kids off the streets, gives them a reason to go to school at all. I can't understand why school districts would take our potential genius Artists and Musicians of the future hopes away, especially when it very well may be all that they have. Math is necessary, as is History and English, but to some, so is Art and Music. It is not just something to be interested in. For many, such as myself, it is a way of life and living.


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    Feb 17 2012: I hear you Mandy, I've been struggling with this state of affairs for a majority of my life. From the "get a real job' phrase to the lack of resources for arts programs. Though many enjoy to do and see and hear these wonderful human expressions we can be at fault of not valuing and nurturing. I have worked for many years teaching art to offenders. Art has informed me, saved me, grown me as well as others including yourself, I read. And all along i have had to work hard and secure funding to make possible such opportunities. So few champions it seems.
    I have been reading ' Sex Genes and Rock ' n Roll by Rob Brooks. (you might like if you havent already) and it is kind of cute to imagine ourselves using music before we developed language. Like some beautiful bird song. Music, it is suggested, developed to attract sexual partners. Rock stars are likely to have more opportunity to pass their genes on. (no arguing against that) Indeed, though art has been unkind to me financially, i cant help but believe its also sexy. Perhaps therein lies the problem. Maybe we dont like teaching things that are too sexy?
    Of course community art and dance and music have been central to nearly all cultures. In reality it is our universal meeting ground. One large world orgy if you like.
    I'm sure there's something in it. I'm sure there's some fear. Institutions have always known the power of art. The religions hijacked so much of it throughout the ages. (Turned out some fine examples no doubt) Sorry I'm getting off track. Hmmm. Lets not worry too much though Mandy. Music, art dance will always be around. It finds it way up through the cracks in people like you and me. Just a shame we dont water it enough. see ya.
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      Feb 20 2012: I'm currently Majoring Art and Minoring Psychology. My intention is to one day teach these subjects, but it is in Art that I am home. I adore music equally, as well. It's funny how many people tell people like you and I to "get a 'real' job". I come from a family of Math and Science Majors, and I am am the black sheep amongst them. They don't understand my dedication to the liberal arts, they often critisize me and tell me that with my career choice, I will get no where. How I can I teach someone what Red looks like, when they are color blind? I keep trucking on, and fiercely support my stance. I can only hope that Art and Music, which has touched so many souls (mine included), sticks around in schools. It is our saving grace. Thanks for you comment, very much appreciated:]

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