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Stimulate the switch from oil consuming cars to electric vehicles.

The switch from oil consuming cars into electric vehicles (EV) requires work at many levels and a sense of urgency by governments, corporations and every single individual.
I have no idea if the following concepts exist so I would love to hear from you.

1. When buying your EV you should get rebates and/or tax incentives. I know this varies across the US, but it should be a standard everywhere.

2. In order to start diminishing the number of cars, ALL dealerships should start buying your car at a competitive price which in turn can be discounted from the tag price of the EV. (This could be considered a rebate)

3. Junk yards should get assistance so they can properly up-cycle, recycle or efficiently dispose of cars without creating more pollution.

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    Mar 7 2011: I get really frustrated when I see people talking about "the US" and "everywhere" in the same sentence as if they were the same place.

    We live on one planet, with one shared set of problems, and need to look at the global picture if we are to make any progress.

    Similarly, electric cars don't solve anything if there isn't a sustainable non-polluting supply of electricity. People seem to think that electric vehicles are clean because the pollution happens somewhere else, but the pollution is still produced! And if you know anything about the electricity distribution network in the USA you will know that your country doesn't have the capability at this time to deliver power to enough cars to make the switch.

    Solve the problem of energy supply, and it makes economic sense as well as environmental sense to make the switch to electric cars. Think globally, instead of locally, as the oil companies do, and you may be able to compete with them. and then of course, you should act locally to find the exact solutions that work for you. It's not a one-size-fits-all situation.
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        Mar 9 2011: I think there are tons of alternatives, and we're fighting a huge amount of inertia, so there's a lot of work to do in finding the way forward. But it's do-able, if enough people get behind a workable plan.

        It's frustrating because there is so much misinformation out there, especially on the side of the good guys. Maybe the oil companies are paying people to pretend they can burn water, just to discredit the pro-sustainability movement and make informed debate more difficult.

        Who knows?
  • Mar 8 2011: Id want government to introduce a basic legislative framework for doing business that goes something like:

    1. Oli Company - do you want to continue to sell petrol in this country? Then you MUST introduce EV charging points and Hydrogen fuelling capabilities in EVERY fuelling station in this country within 2 yeaers

    2. Car manufacturers - do you want to continue to sell cars in this country? Then you must introduce at least 1 alternative fuel engine for EVERY car in your range at a price that is NOT 10% more than average price of a car in that range within 3 years

    This way, manufacturers will start to mass produce alternative fuel vehicles (note: it will be up to the manufacturers where they invest; Electric or Hydrogen or something else whilst ensuring that the existing fuel suppliers have a motivation to upgrade the infrastructure as well.

    Only when companies are forced to seek out alternatives will there be the impetus to actually force the mass migration from fossil fuel to other fuels.

    To support this, Govt should also make it mandatory on all new public sector buildings to have solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity where employees can recharge their cars. This could then be expanded to all buildings over a 5 - 10 year period. Again, this will kick start the mass production of solar panels and wind turbines and drive down cost.

    Then governments should get out of the way and let innovation and competition take its course.
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    Mar 10 2011: Good trying. But Iam afraid its not good for some countries with "oil economics" so the switch you talk about is held by anyone who need to earn money from oil trading
  • Mar 7 2011: Good idea. Also, why aren't cars being manufactured with better gas mileage? They had cars able to get 100mpg back in the 50's....
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    Mar 7 2011: Governments are not good at selecting the best solutions to technological problems.
    Are electric cars better then hydrogen cars? US dovernments spens lots of money on both.
    EU spent lot od mofey on solar (phptovoltaic) panels
    All that paid by citizens, by taxes.
    Government should only tax what we know is harmful, like CO2 emissions. Let the marker comes with the solutions.

    It is quite possible, that 'artificial liquid fuel', which burns into another liquid, is better solution than batteries.

    fee-and-dividend solution propsed by Jim Hansen is best solution I heard about so far. Read about it here:


    Oh, and invite Jim to make a TED talk.
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    Mar 6 2011: Great plan, but you are forgetting how in deep the oil corporations are an influence. Their are cars that run on water, solar, and even some now can be ran by robots (to limit car accidents). The fact is there is profit from destruction of life and the planet. Need to take down those who are profiting from mass destruction, boycott them, tax them, and/or disassemble them. But even that is implausible, in America's case corporations are everything. The world is burning due to oil usage and non-biodegradable products being replaced by new non-biodegradables every few months. Phones, cars, televisions, furniture, the list goes on.(Land fills stick up south jersey) Everyone needs to understand that we are in charge of the planet as a whole then the consensus can start for it to better. I know I am a dreamer but in reality the idea of money tramples anything that can truly benefit people. There are very few who can install bio-safe products and make a profit margin, but any bio-safe product will usually have a longer life span, in short less money. Being green does need equal profit. So truly what most people have to ask is our easy lives worth the destruction of the future?
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      Mar 7 2011: Sorry Nicholas.

      There are no cars, which can run on water.

      That's is same nonsense, as trying to heat your house by 'burning ash'.

      Just because some people are paranoid does not mean that laws of physics can be suspended.
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        Mar 7 2011: Sorry Petr, but indeed there are cars that can run on water (just not in production does not mean there are none), to add it would not be just water as oil is not the only thing that just runs a car. On a side note recently salt water has been discovered to have fueling capabilities also. Instead of saying NO, search engine the information you are unaware of, like I do. To only attack that one line is ridiculous none the less considering the topic is a lot more broader.

        Petr, wouldn't a "water fueled engine" be the same thing as hydrogen engine? Obviously water is not the only thing used to create energy, and I said that in the above statement. Oil isn't the only thing that runs a car, you need an additional product from oil (gasoline) to run it. To add, any said "water fueled engines" always come down to hydrogen usage, so although the NAME throws most off; the principals remain the same.


        I'm sorry in your head you couldn't get the image of JUST water being used.
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          Mar 8 2011: If you have reliable information on that, why don't you post a link?

          And before you do, please read this



          While there may be car I do not know about, there may be scientific laws,
          which say why it is not possible (by a chemical process), which you perhaps did not encountered.

          It is possible, by using a fusion, but a fusion machine is to large to fit into a car.

          So, if you insist it has been done, please post a link.
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          Mar 9 2011: Nicolaa:
          Petr, wouldn't a "water fueled engine" be the same thing as hydrogen engine?

          No. It would not. Hydrogen is to water as coal is to ashes.

          When you burn coal, or carbon, you get energy, Carbon dioxide and ash.
          When you burn hydrogen, you get energy. Hydrogen oxide (commmonlu called water).

          pure metals, and carbon and hydrogen are in high energy statesm and so they can be used as a fuel. There oxides are in energy state. They cannot be used as fuel.
          Mixing will not help you. Energy is conserved. It cannot be created by mixing.
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      Mar 7 2011: In a country like France which relies heavily on Nuclear energy, switching to the electric grid will be of great benefit to the environment.
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    Mar 6 2011: In the past few months I have noticed electric vehicle charging points appearing everywhere around Newcastle. The availability of infrastructure prior to the mass adoption of said electric vehicles is surely another good way to encourage people to switch. Might just really become solely a question of price in the end.