Kieran Preissler

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I've heard "evil" defined as "blindly obeying authority." How can we better educate the population about the motives of "authority"?

We've all heard that power corrupts and its been proven in the past (Abu Ghraib, Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Study), and we've seen attempts at trying to discover the line between conforming and conscience (Milgram experiment). But then there are the everyday heroes that have defied the conformity (Wesley Autrey, the man who jumped on a subway track to save a stranger). How can we foster an encouraging environment that promotes behavior like that?

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    • Feb 19 2012: Would your definition of evil include the non-violent destruction of a cruel dictatorship?
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        • Feb 21 2012: Let me rephrase my question.

          Do you think that it is evil to destroy cruel dictatorships? Even if it was done peacefully?