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How important are the arts?

Elaborating on this broad question, how important do you say the arts are in comparison to math, science, history, etc? Would you say music is more important than math and art more important than science? That's just an example. Would you say that the arts aren't as important as those other things? Why or why not?

Just curious to get others' opinions on this because it seems like an interesting conversation topic. I'e heard some people say that the arts are just pleasantries, but kind of important nonetheless. I've heard some say that the arts are THE most important things out there. So what do you say?


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    Feb 17 2012: Hi Julia..on my school years I was behind the class specially maths but I sure was very strong on Arts ..sadly Art wasn´t very apreciated at the school sistem I attend.
    I think children should be encurage at what they are good at ..it gives a kick of confidence ..I learned first handed ..after feeling confortable with my artistic skills i was able to learn far more easily other subjects...after all Maths are only an exercise to the brain..
    I think Art has much more power and identity.
    • Feb 17 2012: I am inclined to agree with you, although I am biased. I love the arts too, although I feel society doesn't appreciate the arts as much as it should. I want to say that the arts are more important since they are so dear to me, but I do know people who love math just as I love music. Or any of the arts, at that.

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