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With global warming, and oceans rising 200 feet, what will our future look like in the next 1000 years?

i predict, that after fossil fuels run out, we will be forced to live a more simple life. with oceans rising, humanity will have to move to higher ground. Valuable farmland will be lost, wars over limited resources will be fought. a new equilibrium will be established, with a much smaller population. How will you and your heirs make the transition in the coming centuries

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    Feb 15 2012: Every generation should teach the next generation how to think creatively, problem solve, make choices for themselves, and take responsibility for their own actions. That is how I prepare my children for tomorrow. Give them the tools to face any problem that life may throw at them.
  • Feb 15 2012: I really agree with you
    we would live after 100 years like the way that we lived before 1000 years
    a mean .... every thns would be simple ..... no technology ,, no improvement
    jst live with animals in one environment

    but at least that would be the first time for us to think about green consumers and nt effectn the environment