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How do we as a people overcome greed

I think that the reason for all the problems in this world arise from greed. So how then do we stop it.
How do you stop greed in government
As a society do we encourage greed?

  • Manue M

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    Feb 15 2012: When you are dead, you cannot take anything with you. Maybe this can make people think twice.

    I also find this to be true: the more you give, the more you get in return. And I am not necessarily talking about goods or money here.

    I try to explain the way advertising works to my kids. I explain to them how it makes them want things they don't need. And they are very good at understanding that. They are good at making their own toys, and good at sharing. I think education is a good way to overcome greed.
    • W T

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      Feb 15 2012: Quote: "I think education is a good way to overcome greed."

      How true Manue. Let me just add, that even with all the cheap goods that have come into
      this country....and sold at $1 stores, we can be fooled into thinking that it's ok to just spend a
      $1 since this is not much.

      I also explain and teach my children that advertising of any one get one 1/2 one get one free......New and all meant to make you buy buy buy buy buy......and there is only so much a human can use at any one time..

      My daughter has a friend who buys a pair of shoes "every" week...She is greedy with her desire for diversity in footwear yes??? Well, my daughter gets a "kick", pardon the pun, out of looking down at her friends feet each time they see each other.

      The obsession is the expense of her parents, who are not wealthy individuals. Others who see this, have started to also want to copy this style. So greed for shoes.......can then have a domino effect on others.....jealousy, envy, obsession and so on.

      Greed is very undesirable.

      Yes, when we are dead, we cannot take anything with us. It is the relationships we form and the experiences we have, and the good we do to others and for others that make our brief existence on this planet worth are so right my friend.

      Be Well Manue.
  • Feb 15 2012: I grew up in the 60s and 70s, we were and are a very giving generation or two. I always give if I have it to give and it always comes back in some form. Neil Young has a song called "comes a time" and it says , we were young, we were giving, that's how we kept what we gave away. I believe in leading by example, if we are giving perhaps others will be more giving. So, I believe we must teach people that giving is good, helping is good because that's giving of yourself. The more we all do this the more people will learn and perhaps greed will diminish, it will never go away. To me it truly is better to give than recieve.
    • W T

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      Feb 15 2012: Hi James, your comment reminded me of the quote:

      "It is only by spending oneself that one becomes rich."

      And also: "There are those who are so poor,
      so poor,
      so poor,
      that the only thing they have........

      is their money."

      Greedines comes back and bites you. People, are very short sighted, and do not see what an undesirable human trait it is. Still, we can and should help othes to see the value of being giving persons.

      I think many of us on TED are just of that kind. We are not greedy with our thoughts or ideas. We freely share them and then spread them around our communities worldwide.

      Be Well James.
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      Zack K

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      Feb 15 2012: Good point, but I'll ask you this:

      Would anyone that isn't already
      partaking in meditation and the eight-fold path
      consider it.

      Plus, I'm pretty sure if people truly followed
      most religions or philosophies we wouldn't have this
      problem in the first place.

      Also, what Siddhartha Gautama "found" is a lot
      easier said then done
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        Feb 15 2012: Are you saying that there would be less greed, if more people were religious?

        Are you ignoring greed over territory and land? Ignoring the wealth that the Vatican has? Ignoring the superiority complex where their god is better or the "true" god, while everyone else is wrong? Ignoring how many people are killed in the name of god? Ignoring how people refuse to take responsibility for their actions, because either god will forgive them, or because they believe the world has an expiration stamped on it by god? Ignoring how people only do good because they're being rewarded, and therefore can't comprehend how an atheist would ever do something good? I'm sorry, but religion does not have a monopoly on morality.

        If we want to combat greed, then people need to stop discriminating and forcing others to fit into predetermined categories. Stop rewarding people for being greedy, and stop basing someones self worth off of their networth. Stop basing the value of someones opinion either off of the degrees that they have, or have off the money that they've earned. The more that people understand that we're all the same, the more that they're willing to share with others.
        • W T

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          Feb 15 2012: Hi Mike,

          I got something totally different from reading Zack's comment. He says, and I quote:

          "if people truly followed
          most religions or philosophies"

          then we wouldn't have greed. And I will have to say I totally agree with him. I cannot speak for any faith based system except for the ones that follow holy scriptures. But it is truth.....if people who "claimed" to be practicers of their religions followed what the scriptures mentioned, there would be less greed in the world. Just look at the principles found in scriptures:

          --we should not be greedy for dishonest gain.

          --Do not be misled....greedy persons will not inherit God's kingdom....

          --Quit mixing in company of those who are greedy

          --Let....every sort of greediness not even be mentioned among you.

          --There is more happiness in giving than in receiving

          Selfishness and greed, although innate in most of us, can and should be kept in check. The desires of the eyes is what gets alot of people in trouble.....They desire what the see....even if it belongs to others.

          I loved your expression "stop basing someones self worth off of their networth"....I have heard it before and it is true. Partly, greed is attractive, because those who are greedy and gain much are admired by the greed is fed, and desirable....isn't this horrible??

          Yes, also, I agree, we are all the same, and we should be willing to share with others.

          I'll share what happened in a grocery store this past weekend. An elderly gentleman purchase already prepared food...he was frail and tiny in size....when the time came to pay, the bill came to $8.55 and he only had $5.00. He had even asked the attendant he did not want the entire allotment of food that came with the meal. Well, he still got charged the whole amount. A kind family behind him payed the difference. The cashier later commented how she worked with the elderly, yet she was not moved to help this elderly person. Greed..let's eliminate it!
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        • W T

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          Feb 16 2012: This is very true!!
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        • W T

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          Feb 16 2012: "Getting rid of a bad habit (negative behavior) is an undo-it-yourself project."

          First YOU have to realize you have the problem......then YOU have to take the steps to remediate it.
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          Zack K

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          Feb 16 2012: And if the norm in a society is negative it would be difficult for most people to find and correct them
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        • W T

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          Feb 16 2012: Yes, and you know what else.....usually when one realizes that one has lived a lie.....especially by thinking that one's actions are perfectly reasonable, and then one is comfronted with changing, it many times results in a temporary depression....and then out of the depression, one can rise and change and move forward a better person.

          Being kicked in the ego can be a life changing experience.

          This is my personal opinion of course
  • Feb 15 2012: There is no way to overcome greed. Greed is human nature; it fuels the individual drives.
    • W T

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      Feb 15 2012: Zared, how can you say greed is what fuels individual drive??

      Does this mean that it has been greed that has driven every single humanitarian act we have seen on earth thus far?.................the doctors without borders, and engineers without borders, those that go and excavate humans out of the ruble caused by natural disasters, and those who work in soup kitchens, and those who labor for habitat for humanity and the missionaries who forgo their own comfort to take the good news to those living all over the world????

      Please explain yourself.....because I happen to disagree with you.