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Why is it all about the college degree?

We know that people are becoming more educated. Why is it that companies are still focusing on the college degree? More and more people have them but barely passed their classes. While there are lots of people like me who were smart enough not to get caught in the web of debt that do not have them.

I didn't want to get stuck $30,000 in debt because I got a degree in a subject that is no longer important. I made that choice, but the opportunities that were once available to someone in my shoes are no longer there. Now, all of those opportunities are going to someone with a degree.15 years of profession work experience or not.

What do you think the degree actually shows to the company?


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    Feb 14 2012: Its actually quite the opposite in this part of England.
    The last thing an employer wants is someone with the ambition/education/intellect/skills that could allow them to move onto something better. (I believe one of the reasons is because English employers create some of the most absurd, illogical and time consuming ways of finding new employees and having to do it again is something they wish to avoid).

    Even in experience:education cases, experience trumps education in almost every case I've seen so far, but then again, graduate work tends to have its own sector for employment which is interestingly no better.

    I actually brought this up to the government in a string of letters, stating that if those of us with skills, ambition, intelligence and education are receiving no better treatment or opportunity as opposed to someone who has none of the above, then they're simply forming a consensus in society that there is simply no legitimate reason to try in life.
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      Feb 14 2012: For millenia England has worked to maintain the status quo and it is unfortunate. I am sure that those with money and influence wish you still lived under the serf system. However to be fair, it is really that way everywhere. This is a big part of the occupy movement. That the rich want to stay or become richer and they want everyone else to fall into the pit of debt from requiring more and more education and the average citizen falling for it. While I do enjoy the idea of attending college for free, I know that will never happen here. I think that what should be done is to decrease the tuition costs of state sponsored universities so that more people are able to try in life and pass through the glass ceiling as someone said earlier.

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