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Why is it all about the college degree?

We know that people are becoming more educated. Why is it that companies are still focusing on the college degree? More and more people have them but barely passed their classes. While there are lots of people like me who were smart enough not to get caught in the web of debt that do not have them.

I didn't want to get stuck $30,000 in debt because I got a degree in a subject that is no longer important. I made that choice, but the opportunities that were once available to someone in my shoes are no longer there. Now, all of those opportunities are going to someone with a degree.15 years of profession work experience or not.

What do you think the degree actually shows to the company?


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      Feb 14 2012: That's what I'm talking about! Why do you care if your childs babysitter has a college education if they are engaging the child in age appropriate activities. Not that I am looking for a babysitting job, but I do have a sitter. I personally like the lady who is watching my children now. She has the education and degrees to be a teacher, but no desire to be part of the educational system right now and my kids plus two others are enough to pay her more than she would make as a teacher with minimal outflow. We provide facilities, food, and entertainment. All she has to do is interact, make sure homework is done, and ensure their safety while I'm at work.

      I am a "fixer upper" as you put it. To be honest I am going to start my own business while here in the land of the underemployed. With the right mentorship I should have an excellent freelance/writing career by the end of the year. At least enough to supplement my current income to be able to provide for my family.

      I like what you say about the medical degree. As I worked in a community health center in the finance department creating the budget for the following year I learned something. Anyone with the goal of becoming a doctor right now should aim to be a family practice doc with an OB cert. There are fewer and fewer graduates with this specialty and they are in high demand. Just in case anyone that is reading is in med school and is looking for their focus.

      I still can't believe that employers would choose someone who has no experience in the real professional world over someone fresh out of the box with no ability to hit the ground running because they still need to be taught how to work. This isn't just for me, there are many in my area with degrees that are going unhired because they have real world experience and expect real world paychecks. (But that's another debate entirely.)
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        Feb 15 2012: If my baby sitter(s) had a college education, I would know they had to be responsible enough to get through four years of college and I would have some confidence they could get through a night with my kids. Otherwise, all I have to go on is the person's reputation -- if I trust his or her references, which I may not -- and personal judgement and observation. Of course, the person will make all sorts of statements and assurances about their capability, but I don't believe I would consider such statements.

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