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Is Itunes a revoultionary service that changed Music and Technology forever?

Itunes was a Music service launched in 2003 by Apple that provided people with Music that they would own forever for just 99 cents. This Music could Burn to CD's and would be easy to use and navigate. It soon, with the Iphone added an App Store, Movies, TV shows and more. Lots of people hailed it to be incredible while others hated it for It's slow movement. What do you think?

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    Feb 13 2012: I feel bad for the kids who are missing out on the fun trips to the neighborhood record store.
    • Feb 13 2012: I assume you dislike ITunes
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        Feb 13 2012: Not really, it's just that the iTunes store doesn't have passionate music geeks as their sales clerks for me to interact with when, for example, what I'm looking for is a rare record.
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    Feb 28 2012: I refuse to be locked into itunes.
    Will not buy apple.

    Was it the first. Don't know. But it was probably the first to go big. So yes.

    Suggest Peer to Peer was even more revolutionary.
  • Feb 14 2012: There is a real (in my opinion) fundamental flaw in the system though.
    And this is in the level of control a company like Apple gains from this monopoly on their own devices. Ofcourse you kind of accept that as terms of condition when you buy an iPhone. But I always advice against it because of that reason.

    They say that you should buy the product because "everything is easier" (in some aspects it is). But for developers and musicians (and whatever else apple sells which is not really theirs) it is kind of a hassle. Since apple can always just deny you to write a program for their product regardless of how good it is.

    If they want they can make their browser block sites like facebook and just make their own social networking site for apple users (they won't but theoretically that is what's going on in the music/developer business).
  • Feb 14 2012: I would assume that it is seeing how he got a (postume) grammy award for it.
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    Feb 14 2012: The atmosphere of record stores is alot different from that of iTunes. I think we all, in one way or another, want to be part of a record store similar to the one in the movie High Fidelity (at least I do). And its good and all that music is now more affordable but the quality of the mp3s is substantially lower than that of a song played on a record or even a CD or a tape