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How do we achieve gender equality?

I was look at a question on TED earlier today about the violent transfer of power, it turned into a debate about gender equality. So I decided to make a conversation where that actually fits. My questions are: What is gender equality? What do we need to do to reach gender equality? How will we reach it? I hope this generates some interesting ideas, answers, and discussions.


Closing Statement from Erin Tuncan

Thank you all for your opinions and comments! I think we all learned something. There still isn't an answer yet, not that I expected there to be, but I believe that talks, like this one, are going to lead to the answer or answers. I may open this question again, so keep an eye out! Thanks again!

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    Feb 14 2012: I believe that we need fairer treatment related to gender. To a woman a treatment relative to her gender, and a man a treatment related to his. On the material plan or career related matters, we do need to admit there a big gap to feel in order to bring justice to the feminine gender. What we need is to give the right values to our children since their childhood, so they have in value respect for human capacity, whether we are men or women.

    Therefor, we should not be mixing up unjustice caused to women with natural and sensual habits of co-existing together: habits like "galantery" and "chevalery" that put a little spice in our everyday life... a woman should feel ashamed of showing tenderness or any other good caring showing her sensual nature.

    I believe rather in "Equity" than "Equality", because we all are different in all points of view, even within the same gender. So let's develop more the question "equity" which calls more for justice to each individual in our society in consideration of his qualities and weaknesses.

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