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What are the advantages/disadvantages of learning models that exist outside of traditional educational institutions?

With the growing number of alternative learning pathways and opportunities to better serve the needs of individual students, what's working best? And what can we learn from the failures and tensions? Where and how have the models in the margins effectively disrupted the status quo?

I'll add to the conversation my current initiative, Breaker - driving alternative learning and social innovation by mobilizing interdisciplinary teams of young creative collaborators to design product solutions to global challenges.

This Live Conversation will start on Feb. 15, 2012, 1:00pm EST/ 10:00am PST


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    Feb 15 2012: Hi Juliette,

    I'm currently enrolled in an arts college. I think there are benefits of the show and tell method of doing things and having other follow in your footsteps. I find it easy to learn like that. More of the self-research aspects of teaching instructors expect students to figure out are harder concepts that seem to make students go crazy. I think what works best is having a projector, to really be able to describe the process, and have the students follow along. I feel like reading criteria like workbook assignments are becoming more traditional in comparison to online research and digital homework.

    Thanks for reading,

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