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What are the advantages/disadvantages of learning models that exist outside of traditional educational institutions?

With the growing number of alternative learning pathways and opportunities to better serve the needs of individual students, what's working best? And what can we learn from the failures and tensions? Where and how have the models in the margins effectively disrupted the status quo?

I'll add to the conversation my current initiative, Breaker - driving alternative learning and social innovation by mobilizing interdisciplinary teams of young creative collaborators to design product solutions to global challenges.

This Live Conversation will start on Feb. 15, 2012, 1:00pm EST/ 10:00am PST


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    Feb 15 2012: I delivered online lessons to sick children in the UK - benefits for them were obvious - there was a link to other people (albeit anonymously) and a contact with education. The downside was obvious - no facetime, no body language and slightly limited in hands on education....teaching back in the classroom now and enjoying seeing the lightbulbs come on....
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      Feb 15 2012: Now there is the skype option where there is facetime...
      I recently saw a video from the Baycrest facility in Toronto that is pioneering telemedicine vid/chats that connect these medical centers with communities in Northern Canada for diagnostic and educational purposes... quite awesome...
      and also teleconferencing between Baycrest and a geriatric mental health facility in Israel...
      so we can save some carbon footprints and not fly all the time...
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        Feb 15 2012: indeed Skype has many benefits - I recently brought an expert on cancer medicines into the classroom via skype and have delivered guest appearances to university students via skype - wonderful. There are times however for more vulnerable children that anonymity is beneficial for their own protection. Works both ways....

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