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What are the advantages/disadvantages of learning models that exist outside of traditional educational institutions?

With the growing number of alternative learning pathways and opportunities to better serve the needs of individual students, what's working best? And what can we learn from the failures and tensions? Where and how have the models in the margins effectively disrupted the status quo?

I'll add to the conversation my current initiative, Breaker - driving alternative learning and social innovation by mobilizing interdisciplinary teams of young creative collaborators to design product solutions to global challenges.

This Live Conversation will start on Feb. 15, 2012, 1:00pm EST/ 10:00am PST


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    Feb 15 2012: My problem with most government sponsored educational facilities is the that they go for an average ... often a low average and don't seem to have the best tools or the awareness that these kids are wired differently than they were and that they have to upgrade their skills and work outside of the box ... which I am not sure they are allowed to do...
    My youngest is in 6th grade in a public school (in Israel) and I am basically happy with the level and with her teacher this year... what i am not happy about is the class size... 36 kids... and the low grade of some of the specialized teachers...
    Last year I took her for the year to Toronto and paid for a private school and only 16 children in a classroom... it was an incredible experience for her and she was blessed with a truly gifted teacher... but not in all subjects...
    It is important today for children to be made aware of the infinite possibilities and talents that they have before them... and there are plenty of after school classes (at least in my neighborhood) where they can get a taste of astronomy, ballet, film, capoeira, electronics, sculpting.... etc. etc. to spark something within them...
    but when you need them to choose outfits (even at age 3)... my suggestion... 3 options max... otherwise you will never get them to school on time...

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