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An open-source massively multiplayer online game to create a real path to peace in Israel-Palestine.

We can supersede the usual suspects, by which I mean the old guard of both sides,and establishing a vector for a bottom up -crown intelligent- approach. If the goal of the game is peace and both sides are being played in earnest then new possibilities will emerge. While i am not really familiar with the specific games [my motto is: Ignorance is no impediment] It seems that SimCity and Farmville would be possible models for the SimPeaceSolution.

  • Feb 15 2012: This would actually be a pretty good idea. However, with SimCity and Farmville, it might not be the best examples. After all, they're both based off of the fact of how to operate within the system currently in place. Operating better within a system doesn't necessarily change the system in place and the Israel-Palestine conflict is something that will need a change of practices. Something that might work better would actually be something like Civilization where you can test out different existing systems or, if it's a genuine massively multiplayer online game, actually come up with a new system from the ground up with the help of others. While getting people to play together is great, it's getting people to actually work together that needs to be done.
  • Mar 4 2012: Hi.
    I'm not familiar with SimCity and Farmville. Don't know what they are but your idea, to me, sounds like it could be much bigger and effective than I first thought when I read the topic title.

    I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I began to think of a game (your game) that has no weapons involved and because of this it urges a player to work together (if there are teams in some way) but is moving the opposing and team players to "think together".

    Rapidly changing sides can be part of it particularly in helping players to generate understanding, empathy and compassion for the "other side". Saving one another is how one saves themselves, their friends and so on but it involves letting go of their previously held beliefs because they no longer work.

    I used to have a book with comments from virtually all the astronauts who have gone into space. They were male, female and from many different countries. They all commented on how they could see where they live (of course, either in take-off, if they could see anything) or later as they began orbit, their states, provinces, etc. and then countries until they reached a certain distance and they all called it "their planet". The blurring or ending of boundary lines became very important and meaningful to them. So much so, that they forgot about their differences and unanimously wondered why their home planet wasn't called "water"? As that is most of what one sees from space.

    I wonder if your players could do this at some point. Maybe after "mapping something out" players get to venture into space (not the 72 virgins thing, but close maybe) and see what they've done, what they have, and see the boundaries disappear.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble when I know nothing about games but I think your idea could be earth moving in a wonderful way and might even be applied in some way to changing the rest of the world instead of all the gun fire most have today. Directing humans to think and behave differently without war or guns