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How can students be interested in studying more?

I'm a student. some times i feel i don't have any interest to study. i know i should study more and learn more and how much it is important but i don't know what's problem.
i read other books or different article in internet everyday but when i want to study my college books it's hard for me to continue more than a hour.
there is many students like me
I know exist people here who are/were Good student and could help other people to learn how they can be interest in study
how are you yourself interest in studying?

i ask this Question because i am sure if all students be more interest in studying the world could change and it could be a better place for live.


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    Feb 15 2012: Hi Farzad, You haven't mentioned what are you studying. Sometimes it becomes difficult because our interest lies in something else which may not be fulfilled by the curriculum. The tried and tested degrees always find many just because it provides "safety" for our future. Examples of this are Engineering and Medical degrees. But how many would think of getting an Art degree and then build a successful career out of that. I think the percentage will be very low.Another deterrent is that most of the times students enrol into classes not due to their own interests. It could be due to pressure from parents or peers. What I have done is what I call a "mid-way approach".I studied engineering but was also nursing ambitions to do something in the creative world. Now that I have a secure professional life, I can think of doing what interests me more. I have chosen to take a safe way and try and avoid the struggles.Depending on what responsibilities you have, you could choose to follow the same or do something different. You could also focus only on something that interests you the most without going the traditional way of finding a job.Hope this helps.Good luck.

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