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How can students be interested in studying more?

I'm a student. some times i feel i don't have any interest to study. i know i should study more and learn more and how much it is important but i don't know what's problem.
i read other books or different article in internet everyday but when i want to study my college books it's hard for me to continue more than a hour.
there is many students like me
I know exist people here who are/were Good student and could help other people to learn how they can be interest in study
how are you yourself interest in studying?

i ask this Question because i am sure if all students be more interest in studying the world could change and it could be a better place for live.


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    Feb 14 2012: Find a friend and talk about the classes with then.
    Ask him / her questions, let him / her ask you questions.

    Try to predict the questions you will get in the test.
    Try visualising the final goal to get a degree and what life you will have after.
    Thinking positive will help you.

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