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How can students be interested in studying more?

I'm a student. some times i feel i don't have any interest to study. i know i should study more and learn more and how much it is important but i don't know what's problem.
i read other books or different article in internet everyday but when i want to study my college books it's hard for me to continue more than a hour.
there is many students like me
I know exist people here who are/were Good student and could help other people to learn how they can be interest in study
how are you yourself interest in studying?

i ask this Question because i am sure if all students be more interest in studying the world could change and it could be a better place for live.


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    Feb 14 2012: Well you got to find something you actually like doing for fun, then try to find a major to do it for school.
    If not, then try living your life for what you like to do, then figure out a way to make money off of it.
    I made it into one of the best colleges in the world, and you know what? I'm taking time off from it, because i realized that i rather use what i know/ like to do now and do it for a living. It seems hard, but untill you actually try it will always be impossible. You just have you find your own way and stick with it (you will if you dont want to do anything else), at least thats what im trying right now.

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