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How can students be interested in studying more?

I'm a student. some times i feel i don't have any interest to study. i know i should study more and learn more and how much it is important but i don't know what's problem.
i read other books or different article in internet everyday but when i want to study my college books it's hard for me to continue more than a hour.
there is many students like me
I know exist people here who are/were Good student and could help other people to learn how they can be interest in study
how are you yourself interest in studying?

i ask this Question because i am sure if all students be more interest in studying the world could change and it could be a better place for live.


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    Feb 13 2012: In a nutshell: variety and context.

    Let's expand that a little bit: What's is this feeling of being interested in something? Usually it is related to be attached to something that is useful, right?

    I play the guitar, and find immensely interesting to see videos of great players explaining their techniques. My wife is an interior designer, she hates those videos.

    That's just because in that knowledge being presented I find things that I might be able to use to pursuit what makes me happy (playing new and more complex songs). To my wife, theres no use in learning all the possible inversions of an major seventh chord.

    Thats context, as put by others, you should look for that usefulness in your studies, even if a limited one, like "Oh, I can use this formula/theory to solve that kind of problem more easily".

    That will keep you motivated, now how to escape boredom? There's when variety comes into place.

    As I said, my wife designs interiors, and a very important part of that job is drawing vegetation. Now imagine that she's training with oaks.

    If she draws exactly the same oak over and over again, it will become boring very quickly. If she adds some variants to the oak (some smaller, some taller, some in color, some at night) it will be easier to get it going, and more, if she's really fed up with oaks, why not throw some bananas or roses in?

    Or brains tend to reject the sameness, we're used nowadays to have multiple things happening at the same time. Studying is nothing like that, so to make yourself productive while studying I suggest to get short spans of each subject one after the other.

    With time, those spans will enlarge and you'll be able to study more of each subject and even expand your attention to multiple subjects.

    That always helped me, hope it helps you too.

    Good luck!

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