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Share your own "lollipop moment"

As Chee Yen Lau perfectly summed up Drew's talk: "How inspiring!! Short, concise and every single word he uttered was essence!!! :) "

I am looking forward to now hearing more about your own lollipop moments - how have you changed other people's lives in deep and meaningful ways, in what ways have you been leaders?


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    Feb 13 2012: Can you clarify what a "lollipop moment is"?
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      Feb 14 2012: I recommend you watch the related TED talk that Sabin linked in the question. It is very inspiring.
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      • Feb 18 2012: Also could be known as ahah moments--

        Also, trigger moments, the last drop of water needed to make a waterfall seen. . . The other person may have no idea what you are now able to see because of their influence, and I believe often does not, but that is unconsequential because once you can see it, you always have that moment:)

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