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How can the idea of a flipped classroom be used on a massive scale? Also, how can it be improved?

I love the idea of a flipped classroom. Personally, I would enjoy school a great deal more if I did not have to listen to the same cookie cutter lectures every day. I am just curious about how the flipped classroom could actually be adopted by everyone in the educational world.


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    Feb 12 2012: Hi Austin,

    Do you mean the notion of students doing the majority of the key work at home and essentially checking understanding in school as the teacher facilitates the next stage? I teach my students in art and design that the school bell does not decide when learning starts and when I say to them 'when does learning stop? they say 'it doesn't'! to have 15 year old say this is a dream.
    • Feb 12 2012: Hey Stuart,
      I see the flipped classroom as more of learning the curriculum required material at home by the use of video lectures (such as Salman Khan's). In this setting, the teacher frees up a lot more time during the day for creative discussions and applying the topics to relevant problems. I feel that, in this way, the teacher can actually make more of an impact on students by showing them ideas rather than concepts.
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        Feb 22 2012: Ok, so is it predominantly the input of knowledge at home whilst the face to face focuses on understanding? Is that the concept.
        • Feb 23 2012: Essentially, yes. The face to face is also there more to apply the learned knowledge to relevant problems or to promote creative thinking and discussions for students.

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