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Timothy Couillard

Teacher, James River High School


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What would you do in the next 60 days the get the most of the TEDxSummit in Doha?

I am high school Ethics teacher and TEDxYouth organizer lucky enough to be accepted to the TEDxSummit in Doha this April. I am wondering: a) How best to prepare for this opportunity of a lifetime? b) How can I make this something that will impact and inspire my students?



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  • Mar 8 2012: Hi Tim, Daniel and others,

    I'm also a Teacher - in Macclesfield, Nr Manchester UK. (Geography mainly)
    Just had my place at TedxSummit confirmed last week.
    The school host and organise TEDxYouth@manchester - really looking forward to meeting like minded people in Doha.
    It would be great to get some TEDxYouth connections going - connecting the youth across continents.

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      Mar 8 2012: Hello Alain,

      Congratulations! What an amazing experience ahead.

      I was hoping to meet people like yourself who are specifically involved in TEDxYouth.

      Can't wait!


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