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What would you do in the next 60 days the get the most of the TEDxSummit in Doha?

I am high school Ethics teacher and TEDxYouth organizer lucky enough to be accepted to the TEDxSummit in Doha this April. I am wondering: a) How best to prepare for this opportunity of a lifetime? b) How can I make this something that will impact and inspire my students?


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    Mar 10 2012: If ethics is an structured examination of how we should behave, then you are better prepared that most. Having said that I focus on question B. I see behavior, ethics, morals, principals as one big ball. Have you exposed you students to TED? Have you explained the value of TED? As we are citizens of the world we should be aware of the success, failures, problems, resolutions, cultural differences and simularities that TED exposes us to. TED is an opportunity to learn and grow spirtually, philosophically, mentally, etc .... The old saw of give a man a fish and feed him today ... teach him to fish and feed him for a life time ... expose the students to TED and feed their minds for a life time. I wish you the very best in your journey. Bob
  • Mar 8 2012: Hi Tim, Daniel and others,

    I'm also a Teacher - in Macclesfield, Nr Manchester UK. (Geography mainly)
    Just had my place at TedxSummit confirmed last week.
    The school host and organise TEDxYouth@manchester - really looking forward to meeting like minded people in Doha.
    It would be great to get some TEDxYouth connections going - connecting the youth across continents.

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      Mar 8 2012: Hello Alain,

      Congratulations! What an amazing experience ahead.

      I was hoping to meet people like yourself who are specifically involved in TEDxYouth.

      Can't wait!

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    Feb 24 2012: Hi Kat,

    Sounds great!! Hope you can update us on what emerges from TED Active in the build up to the TEDxSummit.

    Would love to get my students more involved and build up our TEDxYouth program.

    Looking forward to learning more from everyone!

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    Feb 24 2012: I will connect with organizers at Active, think deeply about sustainability and TEDxYouth, be joyfully grateful to be so easily connected with thinkers and doers with real solutions to address an ever-unifying species. I have been speaking with coaches to strategize for next steps in masterminding a pull strategy for teens to pull TEDxYouth into their educations. App for teens who are TEDxYouth Organizers. Exploring gamification to teach, guide, reward teens on their path of creating their own events. Noticing Tech tools that would connect them to amazing global speakers using skype for their themes. Learning about TEXTING campaigns, since it is the most common format of day communications. Facebook is most used at night.

    Having a TED talk library appropriate for passive consumption is one level of a possibility for TED ED. I am interested in and have personal proof of the affect organizing their own TEDx events can have on teens. How can these tools be leveraged to create an attractive TEDxYouth for teens to teach themselves PR, public speaking, technology, social media communications, finance, hosting, programming? A pull from the teens themselves strategy rather than a push from above is the organic equivalent for how TEDx organizers have jumped into the game.

    Finally, I am reading what I can about Doha, Dubai, Quatar and Arabic.
    Thanks for asking this clarifying question, Timothy. See you in Doha!
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    Feb 17 2012: Hi Daniel,

    Looking forward to meeting you as well. Hoping there are other TEDx teachers out there too! Judging from some of your favorite TED Talks I think we much common ground. More on that later.

    Would love to collaborate. I teach 2 classes of 11th grade Ethics in our school's Center for Leadership and International Relations here in Richmond, VA. So this type of thing is kinda right in our wheelhouse. I think we could definitely carve out some time for a joint project of some sort. Something to think about.

    Great to hear from you!

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    Feb 17 2012: Tim,
    I look forward to meeting you in Doha. Perhaps you could have your students create a compilation video of their 'ideas worth spreading' to share with others of us who are also educators ... perhaps all of us could do the same. It's inspiring to hear young peoples' ideas on what the world: business, education, family, government, nature will and should look like in the future. I would love to do a collaborative project with your students if you have the time and energy to help put it together. I teach in Taiwan - we could introduce our students and put them to work exploring the patterns and passions of their lives on opposite sides of the planet ... they may even be able to send us both to TEDxSummit with more inspiration.

    My Best,

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    Feb 15 2012: Hi Monia,

    Information about the TEDxSummit is posted here: http://tedxsummit.ted.com/

    What do you teach?

  • Feb 15 2012: What can I do to attend this summit and learn more about the use of Ted Talks in my classes?Thannnnnks
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    Feb 13 2012: Hello Yasser,

    Thank you for your advice. I am absolutely thrilled to meet other TEDx organizers and soak in all that this experience has to offer.

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    Feb 13 2012: I'll say come with an open mind and willingness to explore. You might just learn more from other TEDx organizers when they converge in Qatar for one week. It won't just be a cross-disciplinary congregation of people, but also cross-cultural.

    For many, it'll be a first time in the Middle East (even when the media can paint a different picture of the region).

    I guarantee that you'll be in for a worthwhile experience - I've lived in Dubai since birth and now I'm in Doha for the past 6 years.