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Teacher, James River High School


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What would you do in the next 60 days the get the most of the TEDxSummit in Doha?

I am high school Ethics teacher and TEDxYouth organizer lucky enough to be accepted to the TEDxSummit in Doha this April. I am wondering: a) How best to prepare for this opportunity of a lifetime? b) How can I make this something that will impact and inspire my students?



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    Feb 17 2012: Hi Daniel,

    Looking forward to meeting you as well. Hoping there are other TEDx teachers out there too! Judging from some of your favorite TED Talks I think we much common ground. More on that later.

    Would love to collaborate. I teach 2 classes of 11th grade Ethics in our school's Center for Leadership and International Relations here in Richmond, VA. So this type of thing is kinda right in our wheelhouse. I think we could definitely carve out some time for a joint project of some sort. Something to think about.

    Great to hear from you!


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