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Air Force Intelligence vs. Naval Intelligence vs. Army Intelligence Which one is best? Which one has the most resources?

I want to go into military intelligence, but I'm not sure which one is the one for me. It all depends on resources, technology, and information. I would like to hear (or see) your thoughts.

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    Feb 19 2012: Please excuse my delay in reply, I was at a conference for the last four days.
    I have no problems with answering any of your questions.
    The reason I brought up the USMC is because I did a lot of intelligence work with the latter as well as the Army. Both of those branches are very hands-on and humint (human intelligence) related, but also include the required processes behind humint such as sigint (signals intelligence), etc. Working alongside soldiers in the field was something that I will never regret.
    The Navy and USAF have a deeper technological base for intelligence and focus mainly on things like sigint, masint or imint. It's quite incredible what those boys can do with just a laptop and a radio.
    That all being said though, the Navy and USAF are some of the most difficult intelligence corps to get into. At this moment in time, it's almost comparable to becoming a pilot.
    My work with the military was through private security corporations and taught me some of the most crucial elements of the national -security field. Military and private intelligence have very few differences, thusly working in one sector prepares you for the other almost seamlessly.
    In fact; once my contract ends with the corporation I am currently working under I am debating attending OCS (officer candidate school) under either the USMC or Army. That was the more difficult path though, and I would recommend going military to private, rather than private to military as I am.
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      Feb 21 2012: Hi Martin, please excuse My delay, i've had school projects and tests going on, but i apologize for making you wait. Why do you say that the USAF and Navy intel is the hardest to get into? and can you tell em some of the things that you have learned as far as the elements in the intel field? And again, i appreciate you spending time and answering my questions. If you do not feel free discussing these things here, just say the word, and i'll give my email or something. Thanks :)
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        Feb 25 2012:
        Sorry about the wait once more!
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          Feb 26 2012: No prob! I've emailed you, so you can delete that if you want.
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    Feb 12 2012: That's a great question. However, you failed to mention the Marine Corps and Coast Guard as well. Each one of these branches has different methods of attaining and distributing Intelligence; it is difficult to scale them on a 'best to worst' type scale. I've worked with a few different sects of military and private Intel if you have in-depth questions.
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      Feb 13 2012: Thanks, Martin, for replying, The reason that I did not include Marine Corps is because I feel that are more the boys on the ground. You know, first one in, last one out. My father is a Marine, so I have nothing against them. The reason that I did not include the Coast Guard is more along the same reason that i didn't include Marine Corps.
      But I am open to all suggestions. I also have a few questions, if you'd be willing to answer them.
      Which parts of the military have you worked with? Are you still working with the military? If not, do you feel that what you have done in the military has prepared you for civilian life? And how was it, working in Intel?
      lol, it's alot, so you can take your time.