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Why isn't america doing this...

A while back I came upon this...


It kind of makes me die a little inside when I think about how somethings could drastically save many many lives and allow for a better world for us all, yet it's not happening...


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    Feb 12 2012: Well it is more a tragedy of history than any mysterious conspiracy. Kirk did a good Google Talk on this which gives some of the background and thinking around MSR research.

    • Feb 12 2012: I am fairly well self-educated on what has happened, But My intentions were more directed towards awareness, But Thank You for commenting with positive information, I fell wish more people knew about LFTR or MSR production and estimation in the process of the next coming few years, With China completing their MSR in 2020ish, I feel that should we raise enough awareness and enthusiasm, these ideas could very well become much more of a reality, but then again I am a sort of Idealist =)
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        Feb 13 2012: Not so sure you are an idealist more of a realist in so much as you understand to educate people is a slow process. My easiest get in is in asking people what do they think of when they hear the word nuclear. When they reply about weapons bombs and waste you can start really drilling down into what it is they are missing out on. I find if you go slow enough so they can keep with you every step of the way they feel enlightened and at the same time stupid for not hearing about it before. That is when you explain that not all good ideas make it onto Fox TV or into the Daily Mail newspaper.

        Best think you can hope for is to start spreading the word a little at a time. Family friends, customers, strangers even. So long as you do it in a non-threatening and non evangelical way most are responsive. You just need to push the right buttons when it comes to what they think is important and what is not.

        How to do it is an open question. But surely if people can understand the splitting of the atom (and I find they do remarkably) they can understand the Thorium cycle.In fact in some ways the Thorium cycle is easier to understand because by it's very nature it is circular. Th->Pa->U233 => Th

        Ok that is not a very good ascii representation but you get my drift. When you explain to people how Thorium is the fuel because it is used to make Uranium233 which is fissile and makes the heat and while doing that makes more U233 they kinda 'get it'. Pictures are easier though ;)

        Anyway.. it is a challenge to think up new and creative ways to capture the public's imagination but then that is what advocacy is all about :)
    • Mar 10 2012: my dear lady is this why they are covering trailers of the stuff in the desert until we run out of other power and they will want three times or more for stuff all ready paid for in the blood of our kids

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