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The effect of entropy at a quantum-level fabric of space.

If entropy holds everywhere, wouldn't the (hypothesized) quantum-bit nature of the fabric of the universe itself everntually dissipate? As all probability waves at this level collapse from energy depletion, how do we even posit the very existence of such a maximum entropy field?

  • Feb 13 2012: Hello Rhona,

    Yes, our lives too dissipate; subject to the second law of thermodynamics we end in complete physical dissasembly, even at the particle level. I'm obviously stressing the Physics of the issue, though I do understand your point, and I even suspect that the two are connected (physics and concious existence) in some fundamental way.

    But does anything remain in any sense of the word "thing"; is there a remaining level of organization at all? If not, the end must not wind up in a state of existence like that "before" the "big bang" (ie.does a new bang happen out of this state of high entropy and low energy?)

    But physics also tells us of random fluctuations among all the uncollected remains, which is one theory of how the extreme order at the bang itself could have happened out of such quiet nothingness. And it suggests the possibility of a recycling of our universe into one newly born state of extremely low entropy.

    Is there a physical basis for consciousness and life beyond our own dissapation into disorder? Might it lie in the probability of a "new" low entropy state born from those random fluctuations; does human life and even consciousness have any connection to the random fluctuations of the universe?

    Though this seems a dry, mechanical resonse to you, really, I'm not frozen in a "sciene way of thinking". My graduate degrees lie in the humanities, not science.
  • Feb 12 2012: Perhaps it is dissipating. Maybe it is dissipating in a timely manner. What about our lives? They are not infinite, but they are an adequate experience, an experience worth having. I trust the universe to do its thing at its pace. We are flexible. We can adjust. Let's just make one positive decision after another, stay healthy and happy and spread the good stuff all over our wonderful world. Let's elevate the joy level of our contemporaries and we can forget about entropy and just breathe deeply, breathe slowly, relax and enjoy as many of the infinite opportunities for fulfillment and happiness offered us as we can. HAPPY TODAY.