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To have an online book hub in which people can sell, rent, trade or buy books within the user community.

My idea is to create a platform where people can trade, sell, buy or rent out their books online. There are so many people with so many books in their house rack that they want to dispose of, but nonetheless did not due to the "i don't know how to dispose it" factor. Now, I believe that disposing is not the best idea, so why not trade it or sell it to someone who might be interested at it? Now the idea seems simple but imagine the impact that it can bring to the community. You could be trading books with someone just three doors away from you, getting something new in return. Rural community which is spaced out from book sources will be able to gain knowledge more easily. Young avid readers would be able to overcome the high cost of books problem.

Now, I would personally love to ask your opinion on this idea and ways I could improve it as well as strengthening it. Also, take a moment to think, how many books actually are there in your resevoir that you would like to dispose of after countless times of reading.