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What is the most important piece of advice/knowledge that you have to hand down to your children?

Be good? Play fair? Work hard? Use your head? Don't kick the other man while he's down? Help one another? Share? Love? Be honest?

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    Feb 10 2012: For my kid I hope to pass the same advice I got from my father, on the lines of the following (unfortunately is not a single one but I must note that if you need to choose, the last one would be it):

    Don't buy a boat.
    Be honest with yourself and others.
    Don't have kids too soon.

    And the most important: Never get into ANYTHING that you will not be able to get out by yourself.

    Those are the practical advices that helped me through all my life until this point and I think that will get me going until the end.

    And complementing: Those were the only specific "rules" that my family imposed to me and my brother, and I must say that was a very positive aspect of my life.

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