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Organic Farming vs. Conventional Farming: Why do you favour one over the other?

I have a background in commercial agriculture - namely tree fruits, and more recentley vegetables and berries - and now work in pesticide research and integrated pest management programs. I'd like to know what people think of the organic vs conventional farming debate - this means what you believe the word "organic farming" entails, what you think the problems with either system are, what your opinions on pesticides are (organic and synthetic), and if you have ever heard of Integrated Pest Management (IPM for short). If you feel comfortable, I'd like to know if you have an agricultural background or not when you are sharing your opinions - this way we might be able to see where any divides might occur. I'd like to limit this to a debate/conversation that does not include GMOs (although I'm sure it'll come up, as it always seems to find a way into these sorts of conversations), as that is an entirely different topic. Let's hear some passion! But try not to attack others opinions, let's use this as a learning platform as it is meant to be!


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  • Feb 28 2012: I give you guys credit for your diplomatic demeanor and your sincere interest about this stuff. Im glad to hear methods are improving in the apple industry. I apologize for acting like a jerk. Maybe i was perhaps slightly disrespectful. There are some valid points here and i need to take a closer look at that article about the organic fertilizer study but i am a busy guy and will have to get back to this tomorrow or within the next few days.
    • Feb 28 2012: Organic pesticides, not fertilizer. But no need to apologize - I asked for passion and that's what I got!

      I probably shouldn't have started the thread the way I did - it was a little blunt to say the least. I appreciate your genuine interest and concern as well, regardless if our views don't line up.

      We kind of have to have a sincere interest in all this, as it's our way of making a living!
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      Feb 28 2012: That really very big of you thank you.

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