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Creative vision -- how do you develop and hold onto it, especially when obstacles appear in your path?

Artist Janet Echelman overcame rejection and doubts to develop her methods of building voluptuous sculptures the size of buildings out of simple materials like fishnet. In this live conversation, ask questions and share your own experiences with Janet about the path to creative endeavor.

This Live conversation will open on Feb. 13th, 2012, 2 pm EST.

If you couldn't make to this Live Conversation, the discussion with Janet Echelman continues on her TEDTalk page: http://www.ted.com/talks/janet_echelman.html


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  • Feb 13 2012: Hello Janet.
    If intense research and development was required to develop products and a lot of time passes with several hurdles faced... when do you think, should artists/designers get their designs/products out there in the world... rather than spending longer and longer time chasing the unattainable "perfection" at the start?
    Where do you define the line?
    Thank you for doing this!

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