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Creative vision -- how do you develop and hold onto it, especially when obstacles appear in your path?

Artist Janet Echelman overcame rejection and doubts to develop her methods of building voluptuous sculptures the size of buildings out of simple materials like fishnet. In this live conversation, ask questions and share your own experiences with Janet about the path to creative endeavor.

This Live conversation will open on Feb. 13th, 2012, 2 pm EST.

If you couldn't make to this Live Conversation, the discussion with Janet Echelman continues on her TEDTalk page: http://www.ted.com/talks/janet_echelman.html


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    Feb 13 2012: Hello. Persevering through all the challenges over a long studio career has been part of the fun. And I say that through the birth of three children, many recessions, and judgements as to who or what I am as an artist in the pecking order. I've ignored the obstacles, worked around them, adjusted and mostly kept my sense of humor. I just care about learning and that's what's kept me going. Now my latest challenge is agism...but hey, everyone else is aging too.
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      Feb 13 2012: Stephanie, Am happy to engage in this conversation if there is a particular issue.Running out of time.
      If you can re-post your question underneath my TED talk, I can answer them with more time.

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