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When do we know if we are already crossing the boundaries of helping out an individual?

As a teacher assigned in a far flung area where there is no water and electricity, I wanted to be of help to my students as much as I can. Sometimes, I can't help but wish to have more for me to give more.

  • Feb 12 2012: Figuring out what you need, and asking for help as well as coming up with solutions on how to do it cheaply for others to help. From a distance it can be very difficult to see what the exact problem is, from close up it can be hard to see where the resources might come from, and know the resources are being well spent by the people on the ground. So looking for a way to bridge this gap you can often find the aids you are looking for.
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    Feb 9 2012: in simplicity, I believe that when we really set our minds to something, with all the experience and knowledge we will succeed. Although its unfortunate that circumstances or are not always in our favor. But one thing we must never loose is Hope, hope to doing something by pushing our selves above and beyond. Try reaching out to nearby cities, local media, raise questions and awareness of what is needed for the students. I understand your frustration of wanting to do alot, with huge lack of resources, but keep wanting to help and you will find a way. (Hope that helps).