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How do I get connected to big thinkers, who can get us in touch with serious investors ?

I have over 25 years experience in making projects work that have a continuĂ­ng impact. I am used to being ignored, ridiculed, fighting and winning.
To be able to do my thing I owned a business, which was devastated in the 2004 tsunami.
My friend and intended business partner has the same problem, he is an Egyptian tribal leader, just like me he is born for power and we use it for the benefit of the community.
Now we are working on a project with a mindblowing size, sorry, this is the league we play in, we are not interested in peanuts.
We want to start a pilot project in South-Sudan that has it all ; sustainability, women empowerment including female community & business leaders, poverty alleviation and all that.
Also it has to be on a scale that proves to be interesting for huge main stream investors.
I should mention that both of us have been in prison because we are a danger for corrupt officials.

Who is with me to do some serious brainstorming ?


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      Feb 12 2012: Great.

      Can I help you with a summary or a full proposal ? How ? On TED ? Private mail ? I don't want to violate the TED guidelines again, you see.

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