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Is it more better for people from a particular race or ethnicity or sex to follow the existing practices in their groups or explore new ways

Over time, by natural selection , and through the process of "survival of the fittest", people with a gene pool that best adapts to the local environment following practices that ensures their continued existence used to get established in a region.
Today, with the advent of TV, movies, and other media, and means of quick transportation of people (armies, workers, etc.), there is a mass exodus of gene pools, and cultures and practices from region to region.
Due to economic and military clout and superiority of some groups, many practices and cultures get corrupted, obliterated.
Social morals, and cultural, agricultural, medical practices which ensured survival of the local population for centuries get replaced by the practices of the invaders.
Countries have procedures to prevent introduction of alien plants and animals into their country fearing upsetting of the local ecological balance which sustains life in that region.
Should the same principle be followed when introducing alien genes and cultures into a country?
Some modern day examples of adverse results of such mixing and corruption are introduction of abaya in Europe, introduction of bikini culture in the Middle East, replacement of ayurveda medicines in India with medicines from multi-national pharmaceuticals, abolition of aboriginal practices which are today causing huge forest fires in Australia, introduction of the western ideology of "equality of the sexes" into the eastern and African cultures, causing increased incidences of divorces, single parent families, orphans, late marriages, late pregnancies, and all the related social problems in the affected areas.


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    Feb 9 2012: I believe critical thinking and being at peace within without any pressure (self-imposed, personal biases or societal) is more important than the product of it, either continuing existing practices or evolving new ones.

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