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Practical application - how to design a carpark to make it easier for customers to find their vehicles

We are creating a large - at-grade carpark - some 1100 spaces.
What visual markers or other device would assist with assisting customers to find their vehices.
Note - this is a public transport facility and vehicles are usually parked for 8-10 hours per day.


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    Feb 9 2012: Some carparks I've come across use icons of animals, colours and numbers as mnemonics.

    I also came across car parks that installed stack of little location paper cards which you could pick up and put into your wallet (tho needs constant refilling and not very enviromental either).

    Some smartphone apps with GPS can easily be used to record the locations, though may not work so well in multi-storey car parks.

    With the proliferation of mobile phones with cameras these days, how about just having friendly reminders and signage suggesting that drivers to take photos of the location of their cars as a reminder for themselves?

    Hope these ideas and approaches help.

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