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Practical application - how to design a carpark to make it easier for customers to find their vehicles

We are creating a large - at-grade carpark - some 1100 spaces.
What visual markers or other device would assist with assisting customers to find their vehices.
Note - this is a public transport facility and vehicles are usually parked for 8-10 hours per day.

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    Feb 11 2012: simplicity is best. Different colour paint on the concrete is works well, as well as the paint on lamp posts and benches. Combine that with corresponding variation in coloured street lights for night time. If its an indoor car park then use the colour of the indoor lighting. Lighting is very powerful, people notice it on a subconscious level.
    • Feb 11 2012: hi scott these are great to assist a system or are perfect for small numbers
      need a more comprehensive solution

      can you share a model
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        Feb 16 2012: I see your point when you are dealing with very large parking lots. However, its amazing how good people are at finding cars in medium sized lots.

        Divide it up into fairly large sections. Mark the sections with and unusual landmark, like a large art piece. Put the land mark in the middle of of each section. Then you can say "I remember that thing being on my right"

        I find I am good at finding cars because I am tall. It sounds funny, but actually its amazing how much it makes a difference. One of the reasons its hard to see your car is because all the other cars are in the way.

        So raise the side walk. Use the architecture to give people an elevated view so they can see farther and identify their car.

        Also, if you have pay parking with a ticket machine, you can always design the ticket so that it can be torn in half and the customer can leave one half in their car for the parking attendant, and keep one half that has instructions on how to get back to that section.
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    Zack K

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    Feb 11 2012: You Could assign parking with printed location
    on paper, color for level and number for spot or something
  • Feb 11 2012: if possible get the world to standardise a alpha numeric numbering system which is easier to navigate
    example :- F1ZN24 floor 1 ,north zone 24 th block

    second remind customers to take a picture of the address they park at simple

    third in complex scenarios have a cctv to help customers who forgot to take the pic

    ps: it can work even if we don't standardize

    another costlier way is to make rfid mandatory...and have antennas which record the route of each incoming car and outgoing vehicle

    This is great for security as well
  • Feb 9 2012: assume that all cars are always lost, and find best way to discover them. could use some technology, number plate recognition and an app to direct you to where your car is (I heard disney do something like that in disneyworld but with attendants), or some other clues.

    Make finding your car a game - in fact, have a completely moving car park so your car wont be where you left it any way - an office block sized rubics cube with your car somewhere in there and always spinning round ...

    If you can make any sense out of all that then best of luck :-)
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    Feb 9 2012: Some carparks I've come across use icons of animals, colours and numbers as mnemonics.

    I also came across car parks that installed stack of little location paper cards which you could pick up and put into your wallet (tho needs constant refilling and not very enviromental either).

    Some smartphone apps with GPS can easily be used to record the locations, though may not work so well in multi-storey car parks.

    With the proliferation of mobile phones with cameras these days, how about just having friendly reminders and signage suggesting that drivers to take photos of the location of their cars as a reminder for themselves?

    Hope these ideas and approaches help.
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    Feb 9 2012: Could there be an automatic ticket at the point of entry into the car park assigning the driver to a spot....and they take this ticket with them?

    Other than this, here in South Florida they use numbers on the parking spaces. When you park there is a sign that says: "Did you notice the number of your parking space?" I have yet to lose my
  • Feb 8 2012: Thanks Xavier
    We could do this - and it is not an uncommon aproach - however in the context of the Burgess presentation, I was looking for a more elegant solution - one that could use the concepts he explained, rather than having to activly remember "red section spcae 5 today - blue 12 yesterday - yellow 6 the day before - or was that green 11 today..."
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    Feb 8 2012: You could always color-code sections of a level
    for example:
    First 5 cars in the red section
    Next 5 cars in a pink section
    Next 5 cars in an orange section
    Next 5 cars in a yellow section
    Next 5 cars in a whilte section.

    If someones car was in the yellow section and they were in the orange, it wouldn't be too difficult for them to know which direction to walk in (just go in the direction of the lighter colors)

    Or ofcourse you could just number each parking space. What works depends on your layout.