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If you went back in time 250 years, what would you be able to teach people? What would you have to learn?

These days if there's a black-out, people freak. They don't know what to do without their fridges, TVs, computers and mobile phones, such is our dependence on them. Our workforce has also become so specialized that many skills are becoming lost...baking bread...fixing a car...building a shelter... . It hit me, that if I went back in time, I would barely be able to explain how electricity works...never mind help progress...I'd probably be more of a burden than anything else.


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  • Feb 9 2012: I think in 250 years time,Is too long to be teachable.We would know what we're talking aboutbut I don't think we would come off as sane. They would throw us in a den or a jail and throw away the key ! Wow what we could learn tho ! How awesome would that be? To truly live off the land, to really appreciate this planet !

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