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About Dream, recording, inferring from it ..

Can we record Dreams & watch it leisurely?
What is the probability of their becoming reality?
Can we dream (not day dreaming) what we think or imagine?

Closing Statement from santhana krishnan

Still I am not clear that if the dream can be recorded digitally or otherwise !

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    Feb 8 2012: 'Can we dream (not day dreaming) what we think or imagine?'
    Yes its called Lucid Dreaming.
    Its when you become aware that you're in a dream and what you're dreaming fully enters your consciousness, thus you are able to imagine whatever you want, but whilst still in a dream state.
    Unfortunately my intention to both (1) Enter lucid dreaming and (2) Imagine an attractive female have failed so far (ha ha).
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      Feb 8 2012: It's worked for me :) 1 and 2