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Is the concept of “race" a notion that has no scientific basis and should be removed from the lexicon?

Does the human genome project suggest that there is only one genus of “Homo”, species “homo sapiens and subspecies “sapiens sapiens”?

The notion of race based on further genetic clustering and characteristics does not hold up to scientific scrutiny. Races were once considered human subspecies, but genetic research shows that inherited differences do not accurately match common racial divisions.

For example, since non-Africans are descended from a small population that emigrated from Africa about 100,000 years ago, non-Africans (even those representing difference races) are more closely related to each other than Africans are to each other.


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  • Feb 9 2012: Eeverything are consist of same substances, It may be little off-topic.

    I would like to suggest to look race with eye of mind.

    Please know that everything is empty interms of what meaning relies on them.

    Race is basically a manufacture of our perception even if it originally cause by nature phenomenon.

    Knowing enerything can be equal or different only depend on your perception will free you from the question.

    Even scientifically , can you seperate the space.

    When the sun sets , the space seems dark. When the sun rises, the space seems bright. In fact , the space has not changed at all. Race is like the space.

    Mr, Don. gOD BLESS

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