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Will every G20 nation can become a super power one day or the other ??

I strongly believe that super power and a title like this might not be fixed to one particular nation in the coming years.
With the changing global scenario, each country is doing its part to get noticed globally and the governments functioning in these countries are taking measures and are striving to be the best because the aspirations of its citizens are high or because the governments fear of losing their leadership or because of other natural reasons like increase in trade, GDP, per capita income and etc..
Will there be a time in the future, when each one of the G20 nations, one or the other day can become super powers??

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    Feb 8 2012: Here is my question:

    Would we want these 20 nations to even become super powers? What benefit would it serve other than making other people feel even more oppressed?
  • Feb 8 2012: Everything changes in this meaningful but seemingly chaotic universe.

    One day , Super power will be posesd by people, not by any particular nation ( both G20 nor current super power).

    Power is always ephemeral due to its substance.

    Non-violnece is the most violent action of human being.

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    Feb 7 2012: Theoretically all 20 can become superpowers but a time period where all 20 are superpowers at the same moment is questionable. For example, the UK is now behind Brazil economically and is expected to fall behind Mexico by 2050, so by the time the lower countries raised themselves, would UK still even be a superpower? No one can be sure (but a long history of poor political leadership and an increasingly degenerative society say no).

    Ofcourse another potential curveball is this.. If so many countries are considered 'superpowers' throughout the entire world, does the term even have meaning anymore? Would the requirements for the title be raised, cutting countries from the list? or would countries then look to gain the title of 'hyperpower', also leaving the 'superpower' term near-meaningless?
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      Feb 8 2012: All nations to become super powers at the same moment , might not be possible as you have said.
      There would always be differences between countries in many parameters. Each one being different from others , would make each one to lead or follow the rest.
      Therefore , superpower can be only one or as you mentioned there can be a new title called " Hyperpower".

      The very basic definition of super power might change . A super power nation may become a advisior , role model , global friendly , transparent and may also open up or create opportunities for more trades from more countries.